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Commonly Asked Questions

  • What fees are expected with cut and wrap at the butcher?
    Typically you can expect around $150 for a half and $250 for a whole. It all depends on what you get for your cuts.
  • How much is a pasture-raised pork share?
    We offer whole hogs for $1100 and half hogs for $575, both inclusive of the harvest fee. With your order, we collect a deposit of $500 for a whole hog and $250 for a half hog. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to the harvest date. On average, our hogs weigh 220 lbs hanging, yielding approximately 160-180 lbs of premium ethically raised meat for your freezer. To minimize stress on the animals, we handle the processing on our farm. The processed pork is then delivered to a butcher of your choice, where you can collaborate to select your preferred cuts. The customer is responsible for the butcher's cutting and wrapping fees.
  • What do your pigs eat?
    Our pigs enjoy a wholesome diet consisting of a variety of grains, carefully compressed into pellets. This grain mix is specifically formulated to be corn and soy-free, promoting the well-being of our animals. In addition to this nutritious pellet feed, our pigs also have the freedom to forage in the woods and pastures, where they can indulge in a variety of bugs, tubers, and vegetation, supplementing their diet with natural goodness. This foraging activity accounts for approximately 20-30% of their daily feed intake, ensuring a balanced and enriching diet that supports their health and vitality.
  • What does Kuma Tako Ranch mean?
    Kuma Tako is a combination of two Japanese words: Kuma meaning "bear" and Tako meaning "octopus". For our family these names have meaning and with that, we created our branding. This branding represents our family and helps us to remember what is important.
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