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A look into our "why"

Family-Owned Business

Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, our family yearned for a deeper connection to our food and a healthier lifestyle. We were troubled by the practices of modern industrial farming, where animals are often confined to cramped, artificial environments and subjected to a diet of unnatural additives. We questioned the quality of the meat we were consuming and the ethical implications of these practices.​These concerns sparked the birth of Kuma Tako Ranch, our family's commitment to providing ethically raised, pasture-fed pork and poultry to our local community. We believe that animals deserve to roam freely in spacious pastures and fields, enjoying a natural diet that promotes their well-being. We are passionate about producing high-quality meat that is not only delicious but also raised in a way that aligns with our values.​Our journey began with a simple question: Why would a couple of city slickers decide to raise their own food? The answer lies in our desire for transparency, sustainability, and ethical practices in the food industry. We want to know what goes into our food supply, ensuring that the animal protein we consume is raised with respect for the animals and the environment.​As our family grows, we take pride in establishing our roots in Ashford, Washington. We are excited to share our passion for pasture-raised meat with our neighbors and contribute to a healthier, more conscious approach to food production. Join us on this journey as we redefine the standards for raising and consuming animal protein.


Our family is embarking on a journey with you and the local community to raise meat products ethically and sustainably in the Puget Sound area. Our poultry and pork are pasture-raised and given plenty of space to roam and grow. At Kuma Tako Ranch we have a philosophy to give our animals a good life before they sustain ours and our community. Our slogan "The good life" was born. Please feel free to reach out and learn more about what we are doing and check out what's next. You can also find us on Facebook, TikTok or Instagram. Talk with you soon!

Why Pasture Raised Pigs and Poultry?

Our pigs and poultry are raised in a humane and sustainable way.

We believe that animals deserve to live a happy and healthy life, so we raise our pigs and poultry in a pasture where they can roam freely and express their native behaviors. We feed them a natural diet of plants, insects, and other grain materials, and we do not give them any vaccines or hormones. Our pigs are both corn and soy-free to help the inflammation caused by these foods. As a result of these factors, our animals are healthier and happier than factory-farmed animals.

We are proud to offer our customers the healthiest and most humanely raised pork and poultry possible. We believe that our animals are given a good life before they sustain ours and our community. Utilizing this method it allows for succulent buttery pork moist savory turkey and juicy tender chicken.

We hope that you will choose our pork and poultry because you care about the welfare of animals and their environment. Thank you for your support!

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