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Pasture Raised Broad Breasted Turkeys, are the perfect addition to your holiday table or any special occasion. Our turkeys are moved daily to ensure they have access to fresh pasture and all the tasty grubs they desire to supplement their non-corn, non-soy-grain diet. Raised in mobile poultry tractors, these turkeys are provided with the perfect living conditions to ensure their health and happiness. The result? Great-tasting meat that is ethically raised and humanely harvested. You can feel good about serving our Pasture Raised Broad Breasted Turkeys to your family and friends, knowing that they were raised with care and respect. Taste the difference of pasture-raised poultry and experience the quality of our products firsthand.


Harvest Date: 11/15/2024


Pasture Raised Broad Breasted Turkey

SKU: BBTurkey2024
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