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Pasture Raised American Bresse Chickens, the epitome of high-quality, ethically raised poultry. These beautiful birds are known for their exceptional flavor and tender meat, making them a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike. Our Bresse chickens are raised in a pasture setting, where they are moved daily to ensure access to fresh grass and insects - creating a diet that accentuates their natural flavor and nutritional value. Unlike conventional poultry, our American Bresse Chickens are fed a non-corn and non-soy grain diet, ensuring that they are free from any artificial additives. They are raised with the highest standard of animal welfare, before being humanely dispatched, allowing for a stress-free and quality final product. If you're in search of the finest, most delicious pasture raised poultry, look no further than our American Bresse Chickens.


Harvest Date 7/30/2024

Pasture Raised American Bresse Chickens

SKU: ABresseJul2024
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